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Timberville Woodcrafters, Makers of Fine CD Cabinets & DVD Cabinets
Makers of Fine, Handcrafted
CD Cabinets & DVD Cabinets





With our slotted cabinets, the CDs are held in place by a series of grooves cut into the wood. This method avoids the use of shelves or plastic inserts to hold the CD case in place. The CDs are stored horizontally, making it easier to read the titles. The CDs can be removed one at a time without disturbing the rest of the collection. These units can be free standing on a shelf or countertop, or can be wall mounted. [hardware and instructions for wall mounting will be supplied] Our standard slotted CD cabinets hold 100, 50 and 25 CDs. Our standard slotted DVD cabinets hold 100,40, and 20 DVDs.



Our shelf style cabinets store the CDs vertically like books in a bookshelf. This is the most cost effective and space saving type of storage unit we make. Our standard models hold 250 CDs and 450 CDs. These units come with a base to make them free-standing or they can be wall mounted. The shelf units can be made to store DVDs also. [see custom page] 

We now offer the shelf style cabinet in oak, cherry and walnut veneer. We use the highest quality veneer core plywood and cap the edges with 1/4" strips of solid hardwood. Conventional veneer cabinets use veneer tape which can easily chip and peel. We use the same high quality construction and finishing technique as we do on our solid hardwood cabinets. 



We make a standard sized drawer unit that holds 324 CDs. Each drawer has 3 sections that hold 108 CDs each. The drawers are made of 9 ply 'Baltic Birch'. The drawers ride on high quality 'Accuride' full extension ball bearing drawer slides allowing you to access all of the CDs. There is no wasted space in the back of the drawers. The drawer slides have quick disconnect levers allowing you to easily remove the drawer from the cabinet. Also, these drawers can be modified to hold 2 rows of DVDs instead of 3 rows of CDs. It is possible to have drawers for both CDs and DVDs in the same cabinet. We also offer the drawer units in oak, walnut and cherry veneer. [the drawer fronts in the veneer units are made of solid hardwood] 


All of our cabinets are sanded to a 220 grit, polished, and given a hand-rubbed oil finish. This type of finish will allow the to darken over time into a deeper and richer color. We avoid the use of polyurethane and other types of varnish that give the wood a plastic coated look. 

The backs of the cabinets are made of 1/4" plywood, rabbeted into the back, and stained [when necessary] and sealed. 



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