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Red Maple, Black Walnut, Oak, Ash, Cherry and Sassafras

Handcrafted, all-wood CD Cabinets & DVD Cabinets

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Timberville Woodcrafters, Makers of Fine CD Cabinets & DVD Cabinets
Makers of Fine, Handcrafted
CD Cabinets & DVD Cabinets


Q. Are your cabinets solid wood or veneered particle board?

A. Solid hardwood is used in most of our cabinets. However, we now offer the shelf style cabinets in oak, cherry and walnut veneer core. We do not use veneered particle board. 


Q. Do you use plastic inserts in your cabinets?

A. No. The plastic inserts available for CD's and DVD's are not of very good quality. They crack and shatter easily and must be replaced periodically. Our slotted cabinets should last a lifetime with ordinary care. Click here for close-up view.


Q. Do you stain wood?

A. Yes. Traditionally, oak, ash and certain types of maple are darkened slightly. Sometimes, cherry and walnut are stained to bring a uniform color to the cabinet, if necessary. Premium wood, figured and exotics are usually not stained. Staining would diminish the natural beauty of most figured wood. Staining is a customer option and adds no cost to the cabinet.


Q. What is "figured" wood?

A. "Figured" refers to wood with distinctive markings or unusual grain patterns. Types of figured wood are figured cherry, curly cherry, birdseye maple, and tiger maple to name a few. 


Q. What about larger CD collections?

A. Aside from the slotted or grooved cabinets, we also make bookshelf type cabinets. Our standard model is 40" high x 32" wide x 6" deep and holds 450 CDs in 6 rows of 75 each. These units are a more space saving and cost effective way to store CDs. We can also custom make this type of cabinet to your exact dimensions.


Q. What are shipping costs?

A. Packing and shipping rates vary according to size and distance shipped, [we ship out of the east coast]. Normally shipping costs are about 15% to 20% of retail price. Proper packing is a must to insure no damage in delivery. We ship UPS Ground.


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