Timberville Woodcrafters, Makers of Fine, Handcrafted CD Cabinets & DVD Cabinets

CD Cabinets & DVD Cabinets

If our standard models don't quite fit your needs, let us design a custom model for you.

Red Maple, Black Walnut, Oak, Ash, Cherry and Sassafras

Handcrafted, all-wood CD Cabinets & DVD Cabinets

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Timberville Woodcrafters, Makers of Fine CD Cabinets & DVD Cabinets
Makers of Fine, Handcrafted
CD Cabinets & DVD Cabinets



This black walnut CD 75 was designed to fit in an existing entertainment center

Another customer came up with this design for a DVD 40 tower. 
Combination of CD-450 and DVD-150


Check out this Combination CD 450 and DVD 150. This unit is in 2 sections and is easily assembled.

The shelf cabinets can be built in sizes up to 450 capacity. They can be built to your specifications. Keep in mind that a 21 1/2" wide cabinet holds 50 CDs on each shelf. 32" wide cabinets hold 75 CDs. Each shelf requires about 7" in height. The units connect easily using standard bolts and T nuts. A screwdriver is all that is needed for assembly. When stacking units, securing the top unit to the wall is recommended. The pricing for these custom units is proportional to the pricing listed on the website. They can be built in solid wood or veneer.



Here we took the drawer unit design and turned it into a coffee table. It will hold up to 600 cds. One drawer can easily be changed to hold DVDs or VHS cassettes.

This unit holds 1600 CDs and 1200 cassettes in the drawers. The upper shelves are designed for box sets and opera CDs which are larger than the standard CD jewel boxes. The shelves and sides of the drawer units are made of cherry veneer. The drawer fronts are made of solid Pennsylvania cherry.


We can also add tempered glass doors to the slotted CD and DVD 100s and to the shelf CD 250s. The tempered glass is available in clear, gray, and bronze tint. The hardware is available in polished brass, black and chrome.  The CD 450 can be mounted with bi-fold wood doors. 


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