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Timberville Woodcrafters, Makers of Fine CD Cabinets & DVD Cabinets
Maker of this Fine, Handcrafted
CD Cabinet & DVD Cabinet

Custom CD-600
Coffee Table with Drawers

(Note drawer divider, which can be set for CD's or DVD's.)

The Oak CD-600 coffee table picture here is priced at $2150, and is actually larger than a standard coffee table. The dimensions are 24" x 48" x 21" high and it weighs about 175 lbs. Another version of the coffee table measures 20" x 40" and holds 500 CDs [$1650]. We also offer two chest of drawers designs. One has three drawers and holds 330 CDs [$995]. The other has four drawers and hold 440 CDs [$1295]. These prices are for any of our standard woods.

This quality combination CD Cabinet and DVD Cabinet is created in hand-picked Oak wood. 

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