Timberville Woodcrafters, Makers of Fine, Handcrafted CD Cabinets & DVD Cabinets

CD Cabinets & DVD Cabinets

Cabinets Made Especially for You!

Red Maple, Black Walnut, Oak, Ash, Cherry and Sassafras

Handcrafted, all-wood CD Cabinets & DVD Cabinets

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Timberville Woodcrafters, Makers of Fine CD Cabinets & DVD Cabinets
Makers of Fine, Handcrafted
CD Cabinets & DVD Cabinets


Ed White harvesting treesMy name is Ed White. I am pictured here harvesting Pennsylvania Oak and Ash trees that were struck down by a tornado in the summer of '98. 

I started making these unique CD storage cabinets in 1984. Since then, Timberville Woodcrafters has expanded onto the Internet, so you too can have these high-quality, all-wood CD & DVD Cabinets. Our home office is in Delaware, though we now have a new manufacturing center in Virginia. But, we can ship our product directly to you anywhere in the world!


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